Floor Guide

Enter the venue

An online venue will be available at Remo on the day of the event.

The venues are arranged like this map.

Office Hours

There are booths of 20 platinum"Go"ld,"Go"ld,Silver sponsor partner companies,

and various contents such as company introductions, quizzes, hands-on, etc. are prepared.

Please feel free to join and enjoy yourself.

The Bin"Go" game question is also asked by each company. Let's go around each booth and listen to the answers!

There are also Books for Gophers, which collects books and articles related to Go,

and Go Users, which collects information on Go user companies, OSS, and the community.

Participants are free to share information on the whiteboard (Miro).

Please use it book writers(not only for commercial magazines),

companies who want to know that they are using Go, community and OSS promotion.

If you have any questions, please come to the management booth in the office hour venue.

Open the Bin"Go"

Track A venue, sponsored by Shop staff DX service "STAFF START"

Not only talk sessions, but also Opening, sponsor sessions, LT, and Closing will be held.

Track B venue, sponsored by Bitkey, Inc

There will be 10 talk sessions. Please join us in the session you are interested in.

Ask the Speaker

It will be held at 12:00, 14:40, 16:00, 16:50, and 17:30 JST, and multiple speakers will participate in each session.

This is an opportunity to ask questions directly to the speakers of the talk session, so please take advantage of it.

here is time table.


We have prepared themes such as "Let's run Go on Google App Engine" and "Let's experience Go's concurrency".

It is a recommended venue when you actually want to write code.

If you have any questions, ask the mentor in the Hands-on venue.

Precautions when using Remo

The session and Ask the Speaker will stream YouTube Live as a public viewing at the Remo venue.

To move between venues, click the banner of the venue information, or click the venue you want to go to from the top bar at the top.

Arrangements at the time of admission to each venue will be random.

You can move the table by double-clicking the table you want to move.

The office hour venue and hands-on venue provide content only on the 1st floor.

You can move the floor from the floor selection panel on the left side of the venue.