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Do you know what is Data Race in concurrent programming and what is inside it’s hood ?

  • Background

Recently, I faced a problem in my code a data race issue that caused our service to crash after we mistakenly deployed it without checking for race conditions . I didn’t know how to fix and prevent the data race issue at first , so I searched online to learn more about data races and the Go Race Detector. Curiosity led me to explore how to prevent Data Races, and I’m excited to share my story of understanding the inner workings of the Go Data Race Detector.

In the realm of concurrent programming, the occurrence of Data Race conditions can be frequent and challenging to manage. If I put it in simple words , when two or more goroutines access shared memory data concurrently and one goroutine is a write , Data Race conditions may arise, leading to unpredictable failures which we can not detect long after the code has been deployed to production. This session focuses on exploring the Go Race Detector, which is built upon the C/C++ ThreadSanitizer runtime library. Originally designed to identify errors in Google’s internal codebase and Chromium, The Race Detector is a powerful and proven tool for detecting data race bugs.

Given that we wanted to write multithreaded programs, how can we protect our systems from the unknown consequences of difficult to track down data race bugs in a manner that is reliable and scalable .

Go Race Detector follows ” Pure Happens Before Race Detection” using Vector Clocks so let’s understand the concepts.

  • Expected effect on audience

This session aims to provide attendees, especially beginners, with a comprehensive understanding of Data Races in concurrent programming. Participants will gain insights into detecting and addressing these issues effectively using the Go Race Detector and also the attendies will learn about the backend technolgy behind Data Race Detector .

Vaibhav Gupta

Vaibhav Gupta

Backend Engineer | Golang Developer

As a backend engineer with 2 years of experience, I have a passion for technology and a strong understanding of development concepts. I have developed expertise in Go, gRPC, and DevOps concepts.