Go Conference

Room B


20 mins.


In Go 1.21, “slog” has emerged as a logging library. This talk aims to spotlight the slog, guiding attendees from its fundamental concepts to customized logging. We’ll explore the slog by implementing custom slog handlers. We also cover performance tips to avoid slowing down our code. Let’s make logging more than just an afterthought!

Outline: (20 min talk)

  1. Introduction (3 minutes)
  2. Fundamental of slog (6 minutes)
    • Key features and advantages of using the slog.
    • A quick tour of slog’s APIs.
  3. Making Custom Handlers (10 minutes)
    • Demonstrating custom handlers in slog to integrate with several cases.
    • Making custom handlers with code samples.
    • Optimization for efficient log without compromising performance.
  4. Conclusion (1 minute)

Target Audience:

This talk is designed for Go developers of all levels interested in slog and improving their application’s logging. Whether you’re new to the slog or looking for ways to leverage it more effectively.


Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of slog and how to customize slog with taking care of performance.

Miki Masumoto

Miki Masumoto


Engineering Manager and back-end engineer in UPSIDER, Inc., a startup company providing B2B payment services for businesses mainly in Japan.