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High performance regular expressions using RE2 and WebAssembly, no cgo required

Room B : B12-S

Go’s regexp package works great for most use cases but performance drops for complex expressions such as those in security firewalls. This presentation will show how go-re2 uses RE2, a C++ library, and wazero to improve performance of regex for any Go app, even where cgo is not available.

Level: Intermediate /
Short Talk(20min)
Anuraag Agrawal

Anuraag Agrawal

Software Engineer - OSS Enthusiast

Anuraag works on using WebAssembly to solve real problems, not tech demos. Currently his main focus is bringing WAF to Envoy with the Coraza project to help users secure their services. Anuraag is an OSS enthusiast and before Coraza has also been an active maintainer on OpenTelemetry, Zipkin, and Armeria. You may also find small fixes in various projects due to his nature of sending a fix instead of filing an issue.

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