Go Channels Demystified

Long Session (40 min)
Ask the speakers

Go makes concurrency a breeze. But with concurrency comes the trouble of managing info between multiple concurrent process. Thats where channels come in. But do we know all channels has to offer? How can we make better use of this language construct? This is what this talk is about.

We are in the era of fast computing. Single threaded programs are often incapable of handling workloads for a modern program. But multithreaded programming is not easy. Go made it easy to use concurrency by making concurrency a part of original language construct. But still some problems remain. Like how do concurrent processes talk to each other? Thats where channels come into play.

In this talk we will see how channels do what they do and how we as developers can make use of channels properly to solve our problems more efficiently. We will learn the different types of channels that are available and some use cases and best practices. We will also discuss when to avoid channels for something else. After this talk you should have a pretty good idea of what channels are and how to leverage them for your concurrent program.