Thread-Safety in Go - An Overlooked Concern

Long Session (40 min)
Ask the speakers

A not so glamorous part of studying concurrency in Go is understanding how to write thread-safe code.

Even though it’s an important concern, it is often overlooked in most resources on concurrency.

This talk will bridge the gap and cover the basics but also provide guidance on further studies.

In the talk we’ll explore several important topics, which form the fundamentals of thread-safety:

  • Why study it in the first place?
  • Common thread-safety problems and ways to prevent them
  • Guidance on where to go from here

It will be an interactive session in which participants will be asked to evaluate whether certain snippets of code are thread-safe to show gaps in understanding. The most important goals are to raise awareness of this topic, as it’s commonly misunderstood and to provide guidance on completing one’s study of it.